Deep into the valleys of the Central Mountain range, beaten to those exhuberants mountains with tens of waterfalls, between wooded canions and thousands of wild flowers, we discover small villas that have their own enchantment.

One of them is Volcan, in a zone of cold climate, of mountainous landscapes and a great agricultural production.

Here the houses and properties are constructed to the central European style, making us remember that Swiss colonos arrived here, before being inaugurated the highway to Volcan. The Swiss were followed by Yugoslavs and Germans just a short time later.

Close, you will be able to fish trouts in the small creeks that descend from mountains or in the lakes of the Volcan.

Volcan is locateted in the skirts of the near, often surrounded by clouds, Barú volcano, the highest peek of Panama, at 3.475 meters (11.460 feet) over the level of the sea. This village, in the middle of the drizzle and the fog, offers to us an ample range of natural attractions.


Buses to Cerro Punta, with stops in Concepcion and Volcan, leave from the David's terminal each half hour, reaching Volcan in one hour and 45 minutes.

By car, take the Interamerican Highway and enter in the direction of Concepcion (between David and the border with Costa Rica). Passing that town you have about 33 kilometers to reach Volcan, in a well paved road.

During the passage you will be able to appreciate, in addition to a relaxing and spectacular landscape, numerous milk farms as well as (to the 6 kms) the Haras San Miguel, producers of beautiful horses, a viewpoint (to the 18 kms) with an extraordinary view, and (to the 29 kms) the Artesanías Cruz, handicrafters of international fame.