If Boquete is the main center of attraction of Chiriqui high lands, being the best departure point for the visits to Barú Volcano and the National Park of this same name, Volcan offers almost the same possibilities with other additional attractions, like the exclusive Bambito, town a little before Volcan main center, the trouts breeding farm, the handicrafts of Arte Cruz, the Barriles Site and the tours to the Vocan Lagoon.

Volcan is also in the way to Cerro Punta and Río Sereno, two very interesting towns in the mountains.

To know more about the Volcan's region attractions, select the following links:

SITIO DE BARRILES (Barrels Site) - Archaeological site with a museum.

ARTE CRUZ VOLCAN (Cruz Volcan Handicrafts) - It is the workplace of a well known handicrafter in wood, José de la Cruz.

PARQUE INTERNACIONAL LA AMISTAD (Friendship International Park) - A binational (Panama-Costa Rica) natural reserve in the mountains of the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro, in the panamanian side.

HUMEDAL LAGUNAS DE VOLCAN (Wetland Lagoons of Volcan) - Another natural reserve in the mountains of Chiriqui.

PARQUE NACIONAL VOLCAN BARU (Baru Volcano National Park) - The core of this reserve is the highest mountain of Panama: the Baru Volcano.

BAMBITO - Small town a few kilometers before Volcán. Beautiful natural views.

TRUCHAS DE BAMBITO (Trouts of Bambito) - A private breeding place of trouts and an attraction for tourists.