ARTE CRUZ VOLCAN (Cruz Handicrafts)

In the way to Volcan, coming from the Interamerican Highway, at the left side of the road, visitors will find an isolated house, surrounded by magnificent views of the mountains and valleys of the region, with the sign "Arte Cruz Volcán - Artesanías en madera".

Believe me: it is worth to stop your car or drop from the bus to make a visit to the workplace of this exquisite wood artist and handicrafter.

His name is José de la Cruz and got his skills in several places in the world, mainly in Italy (Rome, Venice) and Central America (Honduras, Guatemala).


José de la Cruz is not only an artist. Is also an appasionate teacher.

People from Volcan and other places in the province come to his workplace to receive lessons on handicrafting wood.

Some of them are already selling their masterpieces.

If you want something special for your home, why don't you order a remarkable engraved door, painted or not, a colorfull image of the sea or this original wild piece to hang your clothes?

We recommend to visit ARTE CRUZ VOLCAN, in the road to Volcan, highlands of Chiriqui,
to appreciate (and buy) the Jose's handicraft or just for a chat.