Sitio Barriles is an open window to the past, a place in the Volcan highlands where, during the last 100 years have been discovered archeologic artifacts that are clearing the mistery of old cultures that inhabited the Volcán Baru skirts.

Located at only 6 kms of the Volcán town, Sitio Barriles is a thematic garden, where to find old paintings and engravings in the rocks, ceramic artifacts and a lot of history, important traces of the past of the mankind, present today in many regions of the world.

Ceramic and stone artifacts like tripods and tables, are possible to observe in the living museum of this site, owned by the Landau-Haux family, who became to be the guards of this impressive treasure.

In Sitio Barriles is going on an archeologic program started in february of 2001, thanks to the work and help of the Chiriqui University and archeologists of other universities like the Free University of Berlin and the Humboldt University, also of Berlin.

Thanks to this program new discoveries are being made while the search for the new traces of the past never ends.

All this jobs are being shared with students of geography, history and ecologic tourism, of the Chiriqui province, as well as the National Culture Institute (INAC), panamanian institution incharged of taking care of the treasures of the Panama past.

Through the times, engraving the rocks was the first way to bring a message, to traslate the ideas as symbols, to express the words as a picture.

This lovable place is waiting for you to be part of the historic and cultural legacy that Sitio Barriles offers to the visitors, while the Landau-Haux family will make you part of this beauty unknown for many people. If you want to visit the site send an email to or call by telephones 580-8008, 592-5397 or 639-5188. If you are in the Chiriqui province or are planning a trip there, don't miss this unique experience.


It looks like any other rock. No signs or any engraving.

But, wetting the rock, all the designs come to the sight.

Is it magic from the past?



Not everything is at the ground level. One stair bring us down to a new place, a digging site.

We stay at the bottom of the stairs surrounded by three walls of perfect vertical land. From the walls, here and there, are coming out pieces of ceramic, some broken some not, some painted, some not.

Mrs. Landau comment us that when digging in this place and all the artifacts start to come out, they stopped the excavation and maintain the place like it is today, to protect the pots and other pieces from the air.

Close, a fresh creek runs under the trees of this beautiful place.


Behind the owner's house there is a place where the Landaus keep many ceramic and stone artifacts from the excavations. Some of them are shown in shelves and others are stored in boxes.

Any contribution to this marvelous couple will help to create the right conditions for this musseum project, a must for this place.


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